Friday, 10 June 2016

1979 Ral Partha Hill Giant

 Painted up an old figure. I originally had him dug out of the pile and primed in a burst of enthusiasm after my test game of Dragon Rampant, but then reality kicked in. However the Frostgrave Campaign being played at the moment needs a Giant for the second battle - handily I had one ready to paint!

He's an old Tim Meier scuplt from 1979, Ral Partha's 01-052 Hill Giant (version 2). To be honest, beforehand I found his positioning a bit strange, but now he's painted up I like him. There's loads of great deep texturing on him which makes him fun to paint up. His club looks just ready to give a little "Tonk!" on the tops of some helmed noggins.


  1. I'm amazed that a miniature that old looks so good...

    Great work on him.

  2. The whole job looks great - model, paint job and basing. Nice one.

  3. Thanks, Guys. Mr Meier must take a lot of the credit. I'm going to look a few more to paint for sure.

  4. He looks beautiful! Well, all right, he looks very handsome...To make it sound more manly. :)