Friday, 25 September 2015

Gunfight at the Battleshed Coral

This week I had the pleasure of attending MacSver's Battleshed with an additional first time visitor in the form of Jimboba from Warchest, who had decided to take a break from updating his excellent solo wargaming\collecting\painting blog to travel down the road and play a game of Dead Man's Hand.

No great scenario, just a 3-way shootout (Lawmen, Outlaws and Desperados) with the vague (and pretty much ignored) objective of the central town gallows. Having fun and introducing Jimboba to the game were the main objectives of the evening, and I think they were achieved all round. Jimboba didn't even grumble about it not being 15mm (too often).

3 Outlaws prepare to fire out the windows
at an exposed Lawman.

Outlaws desperately try to defend the Undertaker's
from the advancing line of the Sheriff's man.

"Grandpaw", the oldest Desperado in town, shows his
experience by sneaking up to the saloon bar doors and
blasting the outlaw within with his shotgun. Ouch!.