Thursday, 22 January 2015

15mm Pop-Up Terrain - Shrubbery

Shrubbery Tile fromn
Completed the first Stonehaven Miniatures pop-up terrain piece in 15mm - The Shrubbery.

Tile from the back. You can see the attachment flaps.
The slightly sloped topiary is quickly pushed straight.
I started with the a "Skill level 1" kit and am glad I did. Even at this level you can see some of the (very) basic mechanics of the folding\popup book engineering, and I can only nervously look forward to the more complicated builds.

With a few 15mm figures.
I printed the colour (not sepia) kit here. They are designed for 28mm and supplied A4 pdf sheets for the Kickstarter backers, but for 15mm I printed out the full size sheets on A4 on the "to fit" scaling (which is roughly 60% in this instance). I use 210gsm card to print onto, and stick the ground tile to poster board (which I use for my 15mm Skirmish boards so I know it'll do the business at this scale.

A better picture for the terrain height.
The colours are nice and vivid with a slight "comic-y" feel to the artwork - more evident in the other kits than the bushes to be honest. Although not menetioned in the video instructions, it is definately worth doing that old card construction trick og black edging the components. It really helps tidy them up and make it the piece "pop".

One problem I have is that there is a white line needing covered where the folds happen ( you can see my quick attempt to cover it up a bit it through the middle of the ground tile ). I laser print onto the card, so I don't know if this is less of a problem using an ink fed printer. Also it should be noted that at 15mm there is little room between the rows of shrubbery. The figures in the pictures are based on 20mm bases and can't fit, although I suspect at 28mm this would be possible.

Just to show the whole thing does fold flat OK.
I'm pretty happy with the tile. I doubt if I'll ever make a table of hex tiles, so I may trim the ground to a more organic shape and paint the edges green. Next up will be another level 1 kit, the Rock Field before tackling a building.


  1. That is a very tempting piece of terrain imho. You've done a top job with it and I certainly wouldn't have a problem gaming with it. Really looking forward to the rest of these postings. Good stuff :-)

  2. Very cool pi├Ęce of kit dude!

  3. Unusual and very, very nice!

  4. Great work! Useful for pulp games, perhaps?

  5. Cheers, guys. I've the "Rock Field" up next.

    Monty, as a wilderness piece I can see it being used in many genres. The building pieces are definitely fantasy, but I can see myself trying some of the simpler techniques on some Graffam kits.