Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Back in the X-Wing

After what seems like an eternity ( a few weeks in reality) I was back up at MacSver's for a quick game of X-Wing.
The sides had an unfamiliar feel about them as my host had dropped any A-Wings or 'Falcon combo for an X-wing and B-Wing force.

I had Vader and a new Empire Ace Interceptor under my vague control with the Backstabber Tie - for once outnumbered.

The battle took place amidst some asteroids. This not only had you wondering just how far you lazy left 3 turn went, but also cut down the options available, bringing an even great sense of cat and mouse play at times.

The interceptor was nice and quick, and with an engine upgrade boost was more manouverable round the flying rocks.

The Ace's head on attack quickly ends in doom.

However, still being a Tie fighter meant it had no shields, and one good shot from an X-Wing blew it from the starscape!

The B-Wing was looking good. A stack of xShields was on it and it can loop over at slow speeds which was hand in a dog fight! In the end though the extra jinking from the remains Ties (and some dice luck) saw the Empire victorious, but the rebels certainly have something to tweek for next battle...

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