Wednesday, 7 May 2014

15mm Skirmish Box - WIP 2

With a bit of a delay due to having a weeks training, the terrain part of the (prototype) Skirmish box is complete. 4 collapsible buildings and a series of walls. Put out like above there does seem to be alot of space, but I'll do a few test plays before building another couple.

For an example of scale I've put in a couple of my newly arrived 15mm Barbarians from (so new they haven't even been glued to their bases yet!). I've left the walls unglued. I did glue 2 lengths together, but the unglued option seems to be more flexible.

The buildings flat fold with a bit of minor kit-bashing. The end apex is cut from the building wall and attached onto the roof with an inward fold. This allows the roof to be folded "shut".

The building walls are just glued together with some base tabs and an internal card floor piece is dropped in (unglued) when they are needed to keep them in a square shape. After a bit of experimentation I've also added a couple of card flaps to sit behind the roof\wall apexes to help keep the roof in place.

With the terrain done I can now look at the warbands that have just dropped through the door...


  1. Very nice. I have nominated you for a Liebster

  2. I would really love to see a little youtube video of you "unboxing" the contents of the terrain.

  3. nice use of the Graffam terrain. I'd love to see it in use.

  4. Cheers Guys. I'm in the process of getting the figures on bases now. The other components required are almost assembled as well, so once done I'll be giving it a whirl with them "naked".

    I'll be sure to take some pictures of the test game(s).

    @Tristan: When everything is together I'll try and do an out the box vid for you. Goodness know how it'll turn out though...

    1. likely.. fantastic.
      Just wanna see you open the box, pull out and setup everything. Amazing.

  5. cannot stop looking at this post/piccies!!