Wednesday, 28 May 2014

15mm Skirmish Box Playtest

Last weekend saw the inaugural play test of the "Songs of..." 15mm Skirmish box (and in fact the first 15mm game I'd ever played!). It was a 3-way straight battle between MacSver, Ironman John and myself.

The forces were pre-generated (but unfortunately not pre-painted) and were:
  • McSver - Undead - 2 undead cavalry (one of which was the leader); 3 walking dead; 3 skeleton humans,
  • Ironman - Orcs - 3 Boar Cavalry (One the leader) and 5 warriors
  • Arabianknight - Barbarians - 6 Warriors (one leader) and an archer

The Orcs rushed forward towards the humans

and the Barbarian advance guard rushed in to meet them (with mixed results).

But as the Orc leader came into the mix the human managed to dispatch him causing a mild scatter (and loss of quality bonus) in the Orcs ranks - much to Ironman's disgust.

The human's didn't have too much time to celebrate at the undead had overcome the early hurdle of a tall wall to engage from another flank.

The Orc's however greusomely killed the remaining front guard member, causing a catastrophic rolling moral check run on the Barbarian forces, leaving them with only the single archer when all the fleeing was done.

With the humans spent as a serious force the orcs turned their attention to the undead.

After an initial skirmish the orc cavalry managed to flank the undead leader and kill him off.

Another horrendous set of moral failures ensued leaving only one skeleton on the table and a victorious set of Orcs. MacSver could only reach for the bottle for solace.

Well the box worked really well. Set up time was about 5 minutes (with a couple of minutes for random scenery placement). Having pre-generated warbands of different (hopefully) troop types also proved useful - not only for quick starting but to stop a stale pure matchup. I had wondered if there were enough buildings, but the walls gave a nice variation in scenery type for play - giving the option to go over them rather than forced round. Another couple of tests will hopefully prove as successful...


  1. I like it! The washed minis look good too BTW ;)

    1. Cheers, Monty. the wash was just a necessity to stop them all looking like small silvery blobs, but does serve to bring out the details quite well before they get a lick of paint :)