Thursday, 10 October 2013

Warmachine - Cygnar Grenadier Warjack

First of the October table clearance pieces finished, a Warmachine Cygnar Grenadier Warjack.

He's got one foot up a sandbag Bruce Dickinson style (at least in my mind). Partly because I don't like the "standard" pose for the 'jack right side (pick swinging back), but also because I was having so much trouble getting his leg to stay fixed on. Ready now though to take his place with his Trencher brethren.


  1. Anything with a pick for weapon gets a thumbs up in my book! Excellent paint job, very nice model indeed :)

    1. The pick does nicely fit in with it's foxhole digging ability. Always nice to see a model mirroring it's mojo :)