Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tie Fighter Ambush

Up to MacSver's battleshed for another game of X-wing this week. He's going to an local Tournament in a few weeks time so we played a 100 point game so that he could test a rebel force list.

My Vader led Imperial Force (Darth's Advanced Tie and 3 other Tie Fighters) ambushing Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon supported by 2 A-Wings.

As the Tie's swoop in, one poor Imperial pilot
gulps as his craft is lit up by several weapons locks.

Badly damaged by the exchange of fire he zooms into the Rebel
ships to impede them and help his comrades.

"In Space no-one can hear you call your Insurance"

With the first fly past claiming one ship each everyone
quickly about faces for the next exchange. Han Solo can't but
isn't worried with his 360 firing arc.

The Falcon starts to turn, but Vader finally
destroys his foe.

And so it come to this: A face off,
both craft with 2 hull points left.

But a the crucial moment Vader forgets his left from right
and swerves away, robbing himself of a first shot...

...and the rookie A-Wing pilot blasts the
Dark Lord with room to spare!