Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Urban War Reminder

With the Edinburgh Urban War Legionary, Sebigboss, looking to organise a tournament in December I thought that if I fancied attending I'd best be up to speed with the rules again, so put together a couple of forces and pressed Arabiansquire into action for a run through.

The table set-up: but I was being lazy (and last minute) so it was set to be a straight battle. Future Cube buildings free download from www.toposolitario.com and crosspiece ruins from Dave Graffam Models .

Arabiansquire's Vasa force advance. The archangel pops on top of a building to act as a spotter for the Suppressor Grenade Launcher tucked safely behind the building. To be fair the forces were slightly big for a "first game back" (250 pts), especially it almost felt like a demo with the wee lad having almost completely forgotten the rules. The aim was to add a couple of different units into the mix (like the indirect template weapon threat of the grenade launcher) and brain crunch through the rules.

My Viridian force use some vehicle obstacles as cover to move across the road. The sniper thought he could use his extreme range to take out some Vasa early doors. However he failed a climb (command check) test and didn't get into position early enough to be truly effective. He then proceeded to shoot poorly while his targets passed shock and cover saves!

We didn't manage to finish our game - too much time trying to remember\look up the rules again. But I want to have a few more games in the coming weeks which should help both myself and the wee lad. Best get the hobby shed table clear of all the rubbish so that I can set up!

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