Monday, 9 September 2013

Chain Reaction Scavenger Hunt

Arabiansquire and myself headed up to our local club this weekend looking for a game of 40k and Warmachine respectively. Attendance numbers were low on this morning, so with neither of us picking up our first choice I broke out the copy of Two Hour Wargames "Chain Reaction".

I've started packing these rules "just in case" as they are flexible, small (only running to a few pages), fun, fast (which is also crucial as they are a reserve game quite often, so a later start time) and I can play them solo in case I'm on my own.

We pulled out figures for 2 basic 5 man squads. One Star Sergeant (Rep 5), 3 Grunts and one heavy weapon (all Rep 4). Also in the mix was a rules run battle droid armed with a Hammer and a Rocket Launcher. Hits were allocated a random position (right and left arm, right and left leg, head and body) with two hits needed to disable the segment. Only 2 hits on the body would disable the robot.

The table was set up as above. The scenario was that the robot had to be destroyed and a vital chip be scavenged and removed from the battle area for the win.

First turn, and after both squads moved the robot moved towards the Space Marines, discovering some of them. After reactions it fired a rocket at a rear Marine taking him Out-Of-Fight (effectively dead for this game).

The Marines scattered to try and gain an advantage, but that Rocket Launcher was caught in the open and destroyed.

The Sergeant climbed to a rooftop and caused some damage though, causing the robot to back off into the street.

Meanwhile my troopers had managed to move up the street into position. A hail of fire added damage to the robot, and between the two forces it was reduced to a pile of scrap.

The Troopers took out another Marine, just leaving the separated Marine and his Sergeant. A Trooper took advantage of the cover and rushed out to retrieve the vital piece of tech.

But he was caught cold as the Marine Sergeant popped round the corner and took him down.

With the 2 marines covering the robot, something had to be done. So the Trooper and his Sergeant rushed round a corner and managed to take out the covering marine.

All alone, and being flanked on 3 sides it was desperate times for the Marine Sergeant. he sprinted from cover, picked up the microchip from the dead troopers hand and tried to make cover to escape. But a lone trooper, who had failed to fire on the initial run, recovered to shoot the Space Marine before he could make it,  leaving the troopers to take the spoils.


  1. Great stuff! I love all things THW and use them as my rules of choice, for all of the above reasons ;)

  2. Cheers, Monty. They do take a bit of getting used to , as I'm sure you'll agree, but now the basic games I have run have always been fun (if not brutal!). Now that THW have settled their mechanics I'm going to try and get a few more games out (probably next year given current projects) with 5150 and ATZ (I only have the old BDTZ version but it's so fun I'm not sure I'll upgrade unless I play loads of games)