Friday, 6 September 2013

SoBH Campaign Preparations

The month of December has been set to start the next Song Of Blades and Heroes Campaign. This give MacSver and I time organise and paint at least the starting warband line-up.

MacSver is continuing with his Dwarven theme, but he's promising a change from the type of warband from the previous 3 campaigns, which has followed a warrior biased non magic ideal.

Some of the hopeful new recruits
I'm taking the opportunity to again delve into the unpainted pile (with a few purchases) to do something completely different. The theme of the next warband will be the "Forest Protectors". The bulk of the force will be Wood Elves, led by a certain Human Ranger. There will of course be a diverse list of extras available. So far I'm thinking Treemen, dryads and I'm not even ruling out an appropriate gnome.

The key at this point though is to draw up an approximate starting line-up (and reserves). One of the temptations is to get some powerful-ish warriors while you have the points, but with maximum warband size being related to the initial size this could prove hazardous in a long campaign. At the same time I still have to try and deal with those tough Dwarves. They'll be slow at the start of the campaign (I'll be doing my usual prayers to the weather dice God), but are so hard in battle that I have to be wary about getting wiped off the table! MacSver suffered a poor start at the start of our second campaign ( Beastmen vs Dwarves) and never fully recovered his numbers or battle mojo that campaign and we have both been mindful of this ever since, sometimes sacrificing a battle to retain troop levels for future meetings.

But who to paint up ......?

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