Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Urban War - Viridian Mortar Teams

Viridian Mortar Team 1

Viridian Mortar Team 2
Quite nicely (and by chance) I've ended up with two different "aimers". One with some camoflage netting on his back and the other with a backpack. The identical loaders will be handy if I want to have only one mortar with a bit a "survivability" by recruiting one form the other unused team.

The end id in sight for my Viridian, but I was starting to feel a little "here we go again" for these guys so i'm going to take a brief break and pull out something completely different. For my Birthday last year I was given the post-apocalyptic Not Scooby Doo gang by Hasslefree. It would be rude to just leave them in the unpainted pile...

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