Monday, 18 March 2013

HVF vs PDS Sufferers

That's "Human Volunteer Force" vs "Partial Death Syndrome" sufferers (aka Zombies).

I watched the first episode (of 3) of the new BBC 3 "In The Flesh" last night. It takes place after the zombie apocalypse (or "The Rising") has been quelled. The undead have been "cured" through a daily drug dose to kick start their brains and are now being re-introduced back into society to their families. Not all societies are too keen on the idea though. The first episode was good enough to look forward to the second one next week.

But the main reason for posting about it here is the gaming potential of the HVF. This is basically a nationally actioned but locally organised militia group for fighting zombies. As ever local characters, local politics and local geography will mould the shape, effectiveness and ruthlessness of the force. It could be an interesting group to add to your Z world.

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