Sunday, 10 March 2013

A New Case in Town

With Arabiansquires Space Marine force growing transporting it (and all the associated gubbins) has become more and more of a pain. I'd cobbled together a figure case a few years back with an Ikea case an a couple of foam trays from Kaiser Rushforth, but the lad's vehicles were left to worryingly be stuffed into a shoe box and the books etc piled on top of that on the way to the gaming club. So eventually I realised that a proper case was no longer a luxury but a necessity.

After a bit of shopping around for a god price I eventually plumped for one from "Gifts for Geeks" (who trade on Ebay under their bricks and mortar name of Tabletop Tyrant.)

I plumped for their own brand Tyrant Figure case with "standard load-out", meaning 5 infantry trays and a 3 depth vehicle tray (with pinch out foam) for £41 + £5 postage.

The case material is a light polyester feel so should be water resistent (quite important in Scotland!) and the case opens round the two sides for ease of access.

The foam trays are a a bit less soft and floppy than my KR multicase ones but no way near as stiff as the ones that I've seen from the Figures in Comfort range. The tray components are stuck together tight enough although there is the odd bit of dried glue on the side of the odd tray and the  sometimes the base isn't exactly aligned to the body. Whilst this isn't a problem it does detract from the aesthetics of the package.

The pinch out foam worked well, although care had to be taken when removing columns at the side as the glue from construction had leached onto the inside, threatening to tear the outside wall/floor of the tray if care wasn't taken. The system is pretty flexible though and removed columns can be re-positioned to give an extra bit of shoring up when the vehicles are in place.

So happy? Yes. With one of the unused trays removed there is room for all the 40k rulesbooks/codexs, all the figures and vehicles are together protected in one (slightly awkward for an 11 year old) carry case. The wee lad has mentioned a few times after we'd filled it that "It's a pretty good case", so that's also good. Recommended.


  1. Are those proper Rhinos in the lad's bag?

    I've had my FIC cases for well over 5 years now (back when wassisname was running it) - still as good as new.

  2. Glad to hear these canvas style bags hold up.

    And yes, the vehicle layer contains proper rhinos, a proper razorback and a proper predator. That's what you get for letting a Dad with his RTB01 Space Marines do the procurement ;-)