Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tales Of Blades GM book arrives

The GM book for Ganesha Games "Tales of Blades and Heroes" RPG came out yesterday, and I've  purchased and downloaded a copy today. First thought was that "Tales of Beasts and Perils - Vol. 1" doesn't obviously link itself to the first core book (other than a quick reference on the back cover). This isn't really a problem though as it mentions it just fine on the product page, and as a download you'll be there first, but would have expected a "Tales of..." mention on the front page. Included in your downlaoded .zip file are font and back cover pages and the rulebook text in full colour (47pgs), ink saving (47pgs) , and condensed ink saver (28pgs) format.

Anyway, this supplement really makes the system playable in giving example and guidlines form monster/opponent creation (including basic suggestions for converting profiles from the "Songs Of Blades and Heroes" wargame). There are a few other standard pieces for GM books: advice on running a game, item generation, etc, but the meat of the book is about what the characters will meet on their adventure, including standard race traits.

This book answers most the questions I had after reading the first core book, and gives enough examples and ideas to fill quite a few of the remaining blanks. I'd say it was an essential purchase if you are thinking about using the "Tales of..." rule system. It'll certainly save you alot of work from using the core book alone

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