Saturday 5 May 2012

Fun in Falkirk

Saturday saw Arabiansquire and I head to Falkirk for Carronade, always one of the highlights of my gaming year. Getting there a bit later than perfect (~11am) meant that we'd missed the start of most the first sessionss of participation games, but let us have a look around. Had a very pleasent and informative chat with one of the members of the RAF Leuchars crew. For years they've been putting on the best PPGs at Carronade, but with the Air FOrce base due to close next year due to MoD cuts, they must have decided to do something different this year. But as ever it was excellently done, and the friendly atomsphere from previous years games carried over to the enthusiastic hello and descriptiojn of what they were doing. Here it was a historical recreation of the D-day battle at Sainte-Mere-Eglise.

Everything was there. The clickers in hand (bought in the village itself) and even John Steele on the church.
The rules being played were a slightly adapted version of "Rapid Fire", with I have a copy of for when I start my WWII project proper. Some handy advice was given on enquiry.
To back the game on the table there was also a large display, with photo's and regiment breakdown of all those involved, which was very impressive.

The main game we played was a simplified 4 player Urban War affair put on by the Kirriemuir Wargames Club. Each player had a small force with one main aim (get to the protected central compound console) and several private secret missions. Good fun was had (even if I did come last!).

I also managed to get to the Crooked Dice stall, which had been one of my main ambitions for the show. We had a quick demo game to go through the rules. On paper it seems quite complicated with stats, skills, tokens, etc, but the game runs very smoothly and was just great fun. The fantastic presentation and friendly chat helped as well. This has definitely convinced me to try and put a line under any new projects coming in (although I have a few in waiting) and look to play in the future.
And what was bought? I had a reasonable show pre-order from Pendraken to pick up - Minotaurs, spiders worms and more for my 10mm dungeon. A couple of bargains from the flea market - 2 Heroquest fimirs, some 28mm sacks and some epic scale building adornments, some paint and some Kallistra Hexon II trenching (I don't have hex terrain, but I've seen these on a "normal" setup and they didn't look out of place!). Quite restrained really!

Thanks should be passed on to the Falkirk Wargames Club for putting on another excellent show this year, and to all those clubs and traders who made the effort and trip to help make the experience as goos as it was. Here's to next year...


  1. Glad fun was had. Everytime I see some wicked use of pegasus hobbies scenery bits (the Urban War pic) I am reminded I need to do more with mine. That little outpost/tower thing looks perfect and dead simple to throw together, did you happen to have a close enough look to know whether the top part was removable?

  2. I didn't realise that Pagasus did those kits as well. Over here they've been marketed by the Urban Mammoth and become quite rare. The roof didn't come off, the casualties were lifted out the "window"