Monday, 28 May 2012

Racer Pods Race Again

Our "One Ring" game has unfortunately come to a stuttering end with the GM having to focus on real world issues (work, etc) for a while (given the state on the economy it's more suprising any of us have time). I can easily say that everyone who played this game thouroughly enjoyed every session. The system was very good and encouraged a good party dynamic (not necessarily an efficient one, mind you).
To keep the group going until someone could take up the GM's mantle I thought I'd break out the Star Wars Pod Racers again for an evenings entertainment. Unfortunately a couple of folk couldn't make it (sense a pattern here) but MacSver and his son "Mini-MacSver", as he shalt be known hence forth (probably to his his protests) came down to the hobby shed for a game. The pod racers (and rules) are detailed in an earlier post .

Through the 3rd gate on the first lap
and all still to race for.
The theme for the race quick quickly back a father-son battle (in fact Mini-MacSver pretty much declared it so before we'd even started) and a flurry of nasty cards were flashed whenever possible between the two.

"Oh no, a tree!" - A MacSver induced spinout leaves
me hurtling towards a tree.
Eventually something had to give and during lap 2 MacSver's battered pod mis-fired on an engine restart and he ended up with a scrapped racer and a grin on his son's face. That was until his pod's power coupling failed a couple of turns later and he suffered a similar fate. The cards are very concentrated in a 3 player game (there is alot more damage and manourering with more players) but it's all fun.


  1. Everytime you post about this I give myself a smack for not figuring out a few pods - always looks fun!!

  2. Great game if anyone is considering it. Good Fun!!

  3. Man I still have my pods only half rebased too!!!!

    For smaller games I was going to have each player run two pods, like the F1 teams do, so that a single accident doesn't wipe a player out of the game entirely

  4. Paul, best watch out for those team orders ;-)

    Having 2 pods each in a team would completely change the tactics as well, I'll maybe try that next time there are only 3 players. I'd imagine that not doubling up on the cards drawn and not doing both pods at once for new house rules?

  5. I was thinking that each racer would be numbered and those numbers put in a cup. A chit is then pulled from the cup and that racer activates - adds mayhem/randomness to the game, and potential for coop between racers on the same team if their chits happen to come out in sequence, so you must always be prepared to grab the opportunities if they arise. If you all draw a card at the start of each turn, the player then has to decide when to play it, adding a more 'team manager' element to it.

    The alternative is for each player to activate one racer each in turn, then do their other, so they cant work in tandem too easily.