Thursday, 8 September 2011

SoBH Battle#1

Battlefield: Hill Land
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Calm
Scenario: On Difficult Ground
Defender: Valgen Maest's Warband (Dwarves)
Skaven in centre, Dwarves split into 2 groups:
Mounted and Thief on left of picture, all else on right.

End turn 2
The first few turns were just movement, although the dwarves were miss-firing so making little (if any ground) . The ratmen showed their battle rustiness by not taking advantage of their gregarious group moves properly.

The swarm surged forward looking to tie up some opponent forces before the main group came in, and the bear mounted dwarf came in on interception course.

A dwarf crossbowman moved into the valley end to meet the swarm, but poor activation rolls denied him support. The swarm moved up to say hello, as the bear mount fell back.

The swarm master caught up to support his pets, but their combined attack was stalemated by the dwarf, as some support finally arrived.

The crossbowman scattered one of the swarm bases as more dwarves finally started to arrive in the table centre. A group of ratmen started come into the scene as well, but poor rolling from the now distant leader and standard bearer halted any attacks hoping to press home the swarms numerical advantages.

It's all action in the valley. Another Swarm base is dispatched, but the remaining swarm combine with thier master for him to take down the battling crossbow wielding dwarf.
 With the encouragement of his leader, an Elite Dwarf charges forward and knocks down the rat scout at the edge of the advancing group, whilst the leader himself come in to help finish off the writhing swarm. Unfortunately he is mesmarised by the mass of bodies and is knocked down in his own attack. The swarm turn and help the beastmaster floor the other dwarf warrior, but the desperate rolls to bring up the rat leader still cause problems and end the turn.
 The Elite Dwarf warrior takes advantage of the scout still lying at his feet and sets and example - gruesomely him. The resulting morale tests have the beast master and swarm fleeing over the rocks. Fortunately for them they don't come across any of the hazards that can lie in these areas. Of the group with the ill fated scout, one fled a short distance, where as the other completely routed. Meanwhile the dwarf cavalry decided to come into challenge the lone rat thrower, who was so intimidated by the roaring bear that he completely failed his rolls and ended up frozen to the spot.

The mounted dwarf closed into the thrower, first knocking him back and then resisting his poisoned attack before finishing him off in the final turn. On the other side of the hillock the Elite dwarf, obviously caught up in a blood-lust from the rat scout gave chase to press home an advantage to the now fleeing ratmen. Unfortunately he found himself too isolated and was swamped and taken down as a final act as the rats left the battlefield.

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