Friday, 23 September 2011

Monster Magnet...Basing

After last nights round of my "Songs of ..." campaign and being inspired by Frugal Dave's post this week, I finally dug out the magnetic tape to base my skaven. I've had this sitting around for a few years now, waiting to be used.

 I'll probably continue to use the tape for my 20mm square bases, as it is the cheapest method - despite having to measure and cut the tape and try and flatten out the curl of the storage method, but for the round bases I have I think I'll follow Dave's lead and purchase some die-cut ones from Hasslefree miniatures.

Obligatory gravity defying shot

What really remains to be seen is how these "new" bases are stored in the hobby shed. I've some steel paper and box files ready to go, but steel paper is hardly cheap, and when combined with the price of even a cheap multipack box file the expense starts to mount. Perhaps it would be better value getting some metal drawers. I'll have to investigate.

What does everyone else do?


  1. I have been debating purchasing a large fishing tackle box. Unfortunately my method was washers -> magnet movement trays rather than magnet bases -> steel movement trays.

  2. That's the way I went for my 10mm (too fiddly cutting magnetic bases for that scale) A tackle box would work for transporting, although I only really play skirmish level, so a biscuit/chocolate tin should do.

  3. I switched to these GF9 bases for my Dark Ages and Viking figs and am thrilled with how they have worked out: