Sunday, 11 September 2011

RTB09 Terminators

Finished a week after my self imposed target date of the end of August, but finished all the same. These are the last of my RTB09 boxset Terminators (with A Cyclone Terminator from the same era). Painted in the same quick paint style as my other Termies, pretty happy with the way they fit in with my small Ultramarine force. Talking of self imposed target dates, the end of the year (which is looming over the horizon) is it.


  1. Very nice paintjob. The Librarian from this set has always been a favorite of mine

  2. Nice Job! I have always wanted a squad of Ultra Termies to go with my Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Angels, but somehow havent gotten around to it yet!

  3. cheers guys. I've enjoyed painting these. The scuplts are much more "practical" to my eyes that the huge adorned suits that the modern sculpts prefer.