Friday, 21 August 2015

Graveyard Finished

It taken (quite) a while to complete, but the graveyard for my Cathedral is finally completed.

Victoria and Guards enter the Graveyard.
The bulk of it is a Games Workshop "Garden of Morr" Set I managed to find on the interweb. It is supplemented by some Renedra grave stones (kindly donated by MacSver) and some others from Frontline Wargaming.

All is quiet.
I pretty much assembled the set as out of the box. There was the usual problem of the GW skull count, I decided to paint the majority as stone carved parts of the walls. The skulls impaled on the railings were removed. This actually helps give the place a run down feel so worked on two counts. The skulls left littering the ground or in the roses I just painted. Whilst a bit fantasy their number is not so much that it isn't fun.

The gravestones were mounted on plastic card (in fact old credit card style cards). All the exposed ground on the GW pieces and on the gravestone cards had sand glued down to it (using PVA), painted in a "normal" fashion and then static grass used on top.

The roofs of the crypts were painted blue to match the Cathedral.

Has One found a relative?
When it comes to actual play I'm sure there will be a few extra trees and walls to work round, but I am pleased with the way it has turned out. I can see it being used for VSF, Fantasy and Horror games so well worth the effort.


  1. That's very nice! I've got to paint up my Morr set as well.

  2. I'm 'dying' to game with this ;)

    1. With your re-found dice rolling I fear it'll not be you doing the dying! ;)

  3. Lovely setup dude! Great job.

  4. Great job! Let the grave robbing/investigating commence!

  5. That is indeed an imposing cathedral. Your understated colour palette certainly makes the whole look much more "not GW". I wish I'd done the same before painting my Garden set.