Sunday, 2 November 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Weekend 5 & Final Call

Zomtober for me is now over with the final rising of 5, the end of my ZombieSmith Horde. Again fun to paint these guys, as some of there detail only became apparent on applying the brush. I especially like the green shirted zombie, who is missing the right side of his head, gruesomely displaying the side of his brain and other inners. To those not familiar with UK road signs, the exclamation mark basically just means "Warning, Danger". Quite an understatement I think, although I would be lying if I didn't say that the ease of application may have made the sign message an easy choice!

And so to the final photo of all 25 zombies painted this October (ish).

Thanks to all concerned for getting the event going, and to all those bloggers who's work I have enjoyed all month as well. Great stuff all round. I was having real problems getting to the paint table before this and it's been so much fun that I've the gusto to continue. I'm looking forward to next year's painting already.


  1. Superb horde and some very nice additions; especially the headless guy - I'd be tempted to plonk one on another base and have him chase it around :-) Really enjoyed visiting this blog as part of Zomtober and looking forward to whatever genre takes your fancy for future postings.

    1. Ha, ha, that sounds a great idea. I'll have to look out a spare head from the bit's box.

      For some reason makes me think of Vivian in the Young One's Bambi Episode ( 22:22 onwards). I'll maybe have to fashion a set of rail tracks to put that head on!

  2. Great job AK!
    Way to finish Zombtober dude!