Monday 4 August 2014

Claymore 2014

Saturday saw ArabianSquire and myself attend Edinburgh's main Wargame show, Claymore. We got there nice and early for a good look round to see what Participation games were where and spot out any potential purchasing targets (although I had my mind and budget pretty set before we arrived)

First game played was a WWII Bridge assault game (which we'd missed playing at Carronade). Good simple, well led participation game, although my D Platoon were obviously shaken by the glider landing and couldn't hit the enemy!
A quick trip across the hall and were at a very nice sprawling Wild West Mining Town. Given my latest Dead Man's Hand games, we had to play.

The game was another simple set of home spun rules, and after an unintentionally combined effort to rid the town of a Mexican gang the final showdown between the Arabiansquires Lawmen and my Drunkards went the way of the later - mostly because The Lawmen had spent most their ammunition on the Mexicans!

In the Main Foyer Hall a couple of comnapies were out in force. One was Mantic, who had demo games of Mars Attacks!, Dreadball and Dead Zone all out on what was a busy table.

However for the majority of the afternoon Arabiansquire was playing at the impressive Spartan Games table, where they were demoing their soon to be released Firestorm Planetfall game.

Very impressive it was too, and everyone seemed to have a good time playing.

The game is loosely scheduled for an Autumn release so no doubt will be in line for an Xmas purchase...

And talking of purchases, what business did the traders do with my wallet? Well, after finally getting a Gang for Dead Man's Hand I felt I'd better look out the rulebook, and linked to that picked up a bargain box of 18 Black Scorpion Miniatures Cowboys and Mexicans. And whilst all that was still in my head went all 15mm with Bluemoon Manufacturing's Cowboy and Personalities sets (courtesy of the Old Glory UK).


  1. I'm a little sad that the game Spartan chose to push is yet another of their nw ones, and they've yet again left behind their other games to languish. I was hoping they'd have a bit more support for Dystopian Legions at the event. Did you see any evidence of that?

    1. No Dystopian anything there I'm afraid. Talking to one of the many t-shirted Spartans there they had been already holding off this game to concentrate on their other [Dystopian] ones and can now concentrate on this release. Can't comment on what support plans they have for as I didn't ask I'm afraid, but I would guess nothing major...

    2. Shame. I hope we have some news on DL soon.

      The Planetfall stuff looks pretty cool, but I'm not as big a fan of SF.

  2. Great looking games, though!