Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Citizens Come out

When writing up the last Dead Man's Hand session I finally succumbed and bought a gang. I had always planned to buy a quick to paint, easy to play gang to let me get on with other projects, but looking round the Great Escape Games website I seduced by the obvious characters in the citizens pack, so bought them with "The Stranger" add-on (basically a Pale Rider set)

So with them embarrassingly naked MacSver and I gave them a run through to see how they played.

Dawn Breaks and the Lawmen advance.
The Citizen's gathered in the Undertakers and Rogan's bar
The Law reach the centre of the town, confident
against the hesitant local populace.
The Stranger makes a move to confront the Sheriff, but
poor activation cards, and well played one's by MacSver
leave him exposed without taking a shot.
The Sheirff and his deputy take care of the interloper.
The Citizen's are spurred into action with Drunken dutchman
Rutger charging in with his shotgun, backed up by Jolene from the bar.
The game was inconclusive mainly thanks to my inability to roll numbers in double figures on a d20! The Stranger is quite powerful, but will need the backup (or shielding) of the citizens to make best use of his talents.

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