Friday, 14 March 2014

Dead Man's Hand Boards 2 to 4 Update

MacSver has been continuing his Wild West board build. Thought you may be interested after the comments on the first board. In the words of the man himself...

DMH project - terrain boards 1-4 sneak peak!

It's been a busy time in the Battleshed, so I thought I'd share the progress so far and provide a peek at the eventual four-board combination

Board 2 is now finished and this completes the 'urban' part of town.

Board 3 - with the just completed 'Livery' - is awaiting corral fencing which will join the main panel fencing at a right angle and section off the area between the livery and the out-house. This is the only terrain board that does not have its supporting battens in place, hence why it is currently lower than the other boards in the pictures. I needed the livery to be completed and positioned first as I plan to add some small guide battens on the board surface to act a sub-base for the livery. The lump of foam core you can see will eventually be modeled as part of the extension / access point to the board 4 hill section - complete with rickety old bridges!

Board 4 - the mountain! The 'heavy' work is now completed, with the basic outline of the feature now in place. For this I firstly added vertical hardboard supports on two sides then used cut foam core to form the foundations. Then I used combination of plaster-cloth, Hydrocal and a little art-mache to shape from the foam core foundations. There is still a lot of work to do modelling and shaping the rock features - adding boulders and features onto the 'flat tops' for example. This all needs to be in place before I even start on the colouring process, let alone adding the vegetation! Still a way to go, but I hope this gives you a little idea of the overall plan


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    1. I agree, it's certainly looking impressive. I am most intrigued to see how the mountain range comes out. MacSver is basing the playability on the mountain sections of the video game Red Dead Redemption.