Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cryx vs Cygnar

For a quick out-of-campaign casual game my regular SoBH buddy, MacSver, volunteered to dust off his Cryx and have a 25pt Warmachine game. So unplanned was this game that some of his troops were away on exercise elsewhere in the Iron Kingdoms, so compromising his army list.

We lined up as above.

  • Warwitch Deneghra
  • Nightmare Heavy 'jack
  • Defiler bonejack
  • 6 x Bile Thralls
  • Cylena Raefyll and Nyss Hunters
  • Pistol Wraith
  • Commander Coleman Stryker
  • Ironclad Heavy Warjack
  • Lancer Light 'jack
  • Firefly Light 'jack
  • Squire
  • Journeyman Warcaster
  • Charger Light 'jack (bound to Jr)
  • Black 13th Gun Mages
The Cryx deployed and went first, hammering forward, with the Nyss Hunter team flanking round the large rock formation.

Cygnar moved forward more cautiously, reorganising slightly due to poor deployment. The Lancer armour was boosted up with Arcane shield and placed in cover further up to ambush with arc node and power shield (or at least that was the plan!)

Deneghra pushed her forces forward, turning the nightmare ghostly for extra flexibility. The lurking Cygnar Lancer was hit with Crippling Grasp from Deneghra and also Death Chill courtesy of the a Pistol Wraith volley, rendering it's attacks null and void next turn. THe Pistol Wraith was now, however, corporeal and was taken out by the Black 13th on the Cygnar right flank. The head was also disabled on the defiler in the same group attack.

A boosted up Firefly (with Snipe for range) took out almost all the Bile Thralls with help of the cannon's Electroleap ability.

Jr's Charger similarly managed to deal with the Nyss Hunter group over a couple of rounds.

The Lancer moved into contact with the defiler to prevent any Cryx spell casting through the bonejack and it's Arcane Shield managed to keep it going (but only just) following a savage onslaught from behind from the Nightmare and Deneghra herself as troop options started to get thin.

The Black 13th took advantage to nip round behind the Cryx Warcaster and blast her from behind in a most unsportsmanlike manner, killing her to win.

Having never played with a Journeyman Warcaster or Firefly it was an interesting game for me. The Firefly proved it's stuff against the admittedly squishy Bile Thralls. For the same points the Cryx could have had 6 Mech-thralls and a Necrosurgeon (who were away this particular night) who would have provided a much more effective rushing screen up the table. I know that would have been MacSver's prefered choice. Good to continue the rules dusting off though.

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