Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Circle vs Cygnar

Holidays,work and illness has kept the poor hobby blog in the shadows for the last couple of weeks. There is progress on my Cygnar warjacks from last post (plus a couple of others) but they are pushing the end of month deadline, so hopefully you'll see them in their glory by then!

My assembled 15pt Cygnar force.
I did however manage to get in a game of Warmachine at the local club last Saturday for the Journeyman League. It's take a while, so the army size had grown from just the battle group to 15pts. I already have that painted up  so was OK to go (although their's no requisite that models be painted to play)

Foes meet to battle over objectives.
My Opponent was having his second ever game with his new Hordes Circle force (his first having been immediately preceding our game) so both players were on an even keel on how best to use their forces. To add to the new experience I'd never played against a Hordes force , so the different power mechanics were interesting\suprising, and he'd never played against Cygnar before, so was unprepared for some of the shooting.

Forces close in, with the Cygnar Heavy Ironclad
to provide protection.
Inexperience with the rules (and even reading some of the card effects) led to a few mistakes. To be honest we both made them but I definitely benefited most as we discovered after the game.

The Warp Wolf charges in and completely destroys
the Heavy 'jack in one flurry of tooth and claw!
Being unfamiliar with the opponents forces and special rules also came into play. But it was all in the learning experience.

End game as Styrker unleashes a roll of 6 sixes to
take out his opponent.

The game was played in a friendly manner though and we both took more interest than dread in being ripped open by the "enemy". I the end I technically one, but as one of our errors had led to the untimely death of one of his solos I can only claim it as a technical win. Good fun though, and not as brain crushing as I seem to have remembered. Probably because of the low point cost.

The league will be up to 25pts by the time I get my next game in and then 35 pts after that. I don't know if my brain can handle that much...

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