Sunday, 12 May 2013

Post Carronade Update

Hmm, updates seem to have been a bit scarce in the last few weeks, but things have been a bit busy.

I did however manage to get to Carronade in Falkirk on Saturday. Arabiansquire and I arrived at lunch time (later than our usual "knocking on the door at opening time" schedule) but we managed to get round a few traders and have a couple of games. Our main call was at the Crooked Dice table, which I'm happy to say seemed to be doing a good trade. A quick demo game of Scuba clad spies vs Nipple Machine-gun totting Fem-droids was had to remind me of how the rules went was all it took to finally topple me over the commitment precipace and make a purchase of the Rules Bundle Deal. Great stuff. I also had a very nice chat with the man behind the 4A Minuatures table. My regular opponent MacSver already has some of his Dwarves, but he was previewing a new line in Chaos dwarves which looked fantastic. I'll be keeping an eye out for them.

Our other game of the day was on the Demo table of Critical Mass games. I don't play squad based games or 15mm so this was a nice change. The table was lush and alien, the miniatures nice and the game ran quickly, smoothly and was alot of fun.

Purchase wise it was a pretty modest haul, although I did blow most my budget on the 7TV rules. I picked up some steel paper scraps for a soon to be posted proof-of-concept project and from the Flea market some 1st Ed Space Hulk corridor and room tiles to add to the ones I already own (the wee lad has already filled the table with the combined set - huge!). As ever an enjoyable and busy show.


  1. Cool. I,m going to Wappinshaw in a few weeks and, despite it not being my 'period' i plan to get a bunch of stuff from Crooked Dice too :)

  2. I've been glassy eyed over their goods for so long now it's great to have finally bought the book. Q loads of day dreaming scenarios of Dr Who on Space 1889 Mars, Scooby Doo gang adventures and more.