Friday 3 May 2013

I Promise To....

There are loads of interweb "painting pledge" sites and forums. So following in the wake of one of my gaming buddies I've jumped in and joined one, The Facebook group Painting Oaths.

The requirements are pretty modest (a minimum of 3 28mm related figures for example) with painting points given, extra for including a monthly theme and the odd sponsers prize it would seem.

For my first pledge I thought I'd fire in my poor Urban War Viridian Saurial Riders. These are the final models in my Viridian force and I've been putting off painting them as I don't know how I'll paint the beasts and baggage. I've got until the end of May to get it done...


  1. Welcome to the party! I'm actually very excited to see what you do with them. Especially if you decide to go for the OSL points...

  2. I looking forward to painting these guys as I've liked the models for ages. Not sure if I'll be able to squeeze in the OSL mind you unless I get some cinematic gun flas effects.