Tuesday 24 April 2012

Warmachine - Cygnar Warjacks Ready

Three new Warjacks roll off the Cygnar production line:




All these are from the plastic Cygnar Battlegroup box. Having looked about the interweb I knew that I didn't fancy the standard blue dominated colour scheme so I went with the paler option that you occasionally see kicking around. The lighter colour also benefits from the sepia wash more. They were all painted speed style at the same time, hence the multiple display.

Warcaster from that set (Commander Coleman Stryker) and some more Trencher style proxies are next in line for paint...


  1. Fantastic! Really nice battle group, who is going to lead it? Stryker?

    What do you think of the plastic models? I don't like how some bits get all bent.

    1. I'm starting from the boxed starter battlegroup, so it will be Stryker (although I've picked up a cheap Nemo which is on it's way and hope to have a Kraye proxy in mind)

      As for the plastic kits I quite like them on the whole (my Cryx are metal, so I have something to compare with). I don't really enjoy the construction part of the models, so the lack of weight means less (or no) pinning. There a couple of bending issues though I agree (the Lancer's spear being a fine example)

  2. Niiiiiiice.

    I always like to see alternative colour schemes on Privateer figures. I also like to see a bit of oil and grunge on working parts, so kudos all round really.

    1. Cheers, Von. I think the word "gritty" what we like here :-)

  3. Cool colour schemes! Could give some info on the colours you used ? Thanks

    1. Thanks, PC.

      THank colours are the same palette as the Cygnar Trencher Proxies (see the post list on the right of the blog) but the colours used are mostly:

      •Light Armour: GW Foundation Dheneb Stone
      •Blue Armour: GW Foundation Calthan Brown
      •Shoulder and Knee pads: GW Foundation Mordian Blue
      •Miniature Paint Brass
      •GW Gunbolt Metal

      Wash with diluted Vallejo Sepia and highlight with original colours again.

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    3. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I will paint my first ever miniature and I'll give it a try with your choice of colours as an inspiration. I will go with a dwarf bronze for the metal and I will be using a bleached bone with a highlight of white to get more of a cream colour. Hope it turns out not too awful :)

      Good blog by the way !