Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Making Plastic from Milk?

I've just been searching the interweb and came across this hobby site. The article I had originally followed was for using pink and blue foam for terrain, but on the main site (http://www.stormthecastle.com/) this article and video caught eye - making plastic from milk. To be fair he uses vinegar as well. But that's it. Apparently the idea was from Leonardo Da Vinci.

In a hobby where resin and plaster are commonly used to create scenery how good (and cheap) would it be if we could use milk & vinegar instead? More investigations are needed...


  1. Wierd!!!! Thanks for posting

  2. That is very weird. sounds like its something to do with the fat in the milk? Wonder if it smells?

  3. I would think so. The web article recommends using full fat milk. As for smelling, I don't know about the final product, but I can't see Hugo Boss releasing an "Eau de Milk Curdled with Vinegar".

  4. The smell wouldn't be a problem for a zombie game...

    Whiteface / Oliver