Monday, 25 April 2011

Cheap Grass Mat

I was in Lidl today and spotted a grass mat for £5.99, so grabbed one with view to using it as a gaming surface. The size is 100cm x 200cm which is ideal for 6'x3' table.

Unlike most modern grass mats this one makes no attempt to have false blades of grass, but instead is more just a green, felt-like surfaced carpet.

The underside of the mat is dimpled "to promote" drainage. They also combine nicely with the weight of the cloth to prevent slippage.

 The dimples are not to high though, and you can see the profile of the mat here.

The nap of the surface is not very deep so that a light plastic figure can sit stable on top.

When viewed from the top you can see small marks over the mat, I presume small holes for drainage again.

The colour is quite a deep, if slightly variated, green. Additional colour might be desirable for a more natural finish.

I'm pretty glad I bought this. It has a nice heavy feel to it, is UV resistant so should fade and was nice and cheap.


  1. This is interesting, do you think the mat could be used as a portable gaming surface for carting around and rolling up and unrolling etc...?

  2. It unrolled flat the first time I unrolled it from the shop for me, so I would think so.

    The only "problem" I can see is that it's not the standard 6'x4' size for gaming - more 6'x3'. I play on a covered small snooker table, which is 6'x3' so ideal for me!

  3. for a skirmish mat that would work wonders, I'll have to keep an eye out in Lidl's for when they bring them back (they often do)