Friday, 8 October 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Slayer

Or should I now say "Classic Slayer" as it's a metal one. Continuing the rust theme - it would be silly to stop now!

Frosted Varnish

Had a a brief "fist in mouth" panic moment as I'd spray matt varnished this and the Helldiver, but the conditions, it being now October, were obviously too damp (humidity has the same effect apparently, but isn't much of a problem in Scotland!). Despite spraying in the garage on a non-rainy day and the models drying in the house the result was the dreaded frosted varnish look. Fortunately I'd already read on a forum (WarSeer I think) someone else's woes, which had been solved by brushing on some gloss varnish and then brushing on another coat of matt varnish once dry. Took the plunge and thankfully it mostly worked for me as well. Phew!


  1. Your Slayer is nicer than my Slayer. I think the frosting and fix have done it some favours; there's a nice texture to it that I don't think you'd have managed had the first coat of varnish worked okay. For your next trick, recreate the conditions... :p

  2. Cheers, Von. I'm not sure my nerves could stand it though :-S