Thursday, 14 October 2010

Warmachine - Cryx Skarlock Thrall

The Skarlock is a strange mini. We'll ignore the fiddly construction of the "soul ribbon" part - it's just awkward.

As for painting, I found it a pain to plan as most the sections are ambiguous in their purpose. Is that a gown, skirt or power wave crest it's wearing? What's that strange surf board thing? It's sculpted with so many blocked areas it can look rather segmented - The lower half is one colour, the upper torso is another colour and the swirly bit is another, usually completely unrelated, colour - but at the same time the sections are so busy there is little chance to put in a detail to bring them together. I had a look online to see how others painted this piece, but just about everyone else seems to have the same problem and either just leave it be or try to tie the theme together with arcane shapes and script. In the end, I decided to pretty much use the colour chart I'd used for Deneghra, brown and brownish metals. Partly to tie in with at least another part of my army, partly for my sanity and partly because I know my freehand work isn't good enough to make any arcane script look good or consistent. I've left the torso not too bleached or highlighted to at least blend it in with the lower torso.


  1. I look forward to facing this across the battlefield, I'll just have to destroy it for being so girly. Come on play like you have a pair, oh and not the pair on your chest ;)

  2. Hmmmmmm. I think you'd best stay away from those caffeinated drinks again!