Thursday, 8 December 2016

Amera Wilderness Terrain

For months now my gaming seems to have been revolving around towns and cities, be they Fantasy ruins for Frostgrave or modern buildings for Zombie gaming. So it's nice to out into the great outdoors again. At least on the gaming table anyway.

I've just finished my latest rocky pieces from Amera Mouldings. They sit in their 28mm Fantasy Realms section and as ever prices are very reasonable, with the largest piece, "Moorland Hillock" coming in at £4 and the 3 piece "Scenery Set" £5.

I used the same techniques as my Ruined Tower post (with textured spray paints) with the change that I used green spray paint on the areas to be grassed. This has given a greener finish despite using the same flock.

The height and size will give good obstacles for line of sight or height advantage.

And just so you know, they also make excellent more substantial hillocks for 15mm.


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    1. Thanks, Gordon. It's come up really well I have to say, especially considering how little money, time and effort they take!

  2. Look good! How are they for wobbly model syndrome?

    1. The terrain doesn't flex at all and the surfaces are true so no balancing on odd angles (a couple of steeper gradients excepted)

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    1. Cheers, Phil. I'm pleased how they've turned out.

  4. I like Amera stuff - a very good balance of what you get vs how much you spend.

  5. Sam thanks so much for your great posts and kind comments. We love the way you've finished our pieces as you know thanks for sharing