Thursday, 3 November 2016

ATZ - Ground Zero

Ok, so I've spent the last two months making terrain and painting figures for Zombie gaming, so what reason do I have for turning down MacSver's suggestion of trying "All Things Zombie"? No good reason at all (ignoring the fact I hadn't managed to fully digest the latest version (ATZ - Final Fade Out). Queue the familiar learning Two Hour Wargames ruleset learning process of frantic page flicking!

For the table I decided to put most the terrain I have on, just to see how it would look and set up. It was decided that the scenario would be in the first 10 weeks of the outbreak during daylight hours. Our two characters had been in touch with each other and the aim of the game was to meet up and get off table, with each character entering the table at opposite corners.

  • John Knight (Citizen) Rep 4, Pep 2, Sav 3; Pistol
  • Joe MacSver (Citizen) Rep 4, Pep 2, Sav 3; Pistol

Once the players had moved onto the table the zombies and PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) were put down. Thanks to my dice rolls the South end of the table was alot more populated than I'd have preferred!
John moved to investigate a parked up RV, away that he was boxed into the fenced area by passing Zombies through the north gate and approaching PEF's to the East. He opened the door: Empty (I have bought the THW Risk\Reward cards to try and speed up the building encounters). A quick search revealed a baseball bat - very useful. Aware that a PEF was about to enter the compound John dashed out.

There were still 2 zombies at the exit gate, so he had little choice but to hide round the other side of the RV. The PEF caught up though and resolved - Oh No! 2 more zombies!

In the North, Joe had spotted some scaffolding next to a Restaurant and easy out sped the couple of shambling figures in the area to climb up to a vantage point on the roof. From here he decided to try and take out one of the undead, but only managed to knock it down. His shot's however echoed round the buildings, attracting the attentions of all the zombies (and waking up a couple more!).

The interest of the shots pulled the 2 zeds away from the John's north gate exit. Passing all his fast move dice he dashed past the 2 at the RV and rushed up behind the 2 in the street. Wanting to take them both out at the same time he opted to use his pistol, and they were soon out of the game mid street (although a couple more zeds appeared). He then continued his run to the alleyway next to his buddies position.

On the roof Joe tried a couple more shots, but hit nothing. His scaffolding route was now blocked, so he decided to drop down onto a dumpster in the alleyway (using the challenge example from the rulebook). It went badly, and he crashed to the ground, injuring his leg (down to half movement) and drawing unwanted attention as he shouted out in pain (another failed challenge test!).

With his buddy on the floor John charged the nearest opponent waving his new baseball bat (not wanting to wake any more undead). He only managed to knock it down first blow. Another Zed rush into attack as the other regained it's feet, but John managed to dispatch  both of them on the second time of asking.

With Joe hobbling painfully, John rushed over to a car on the opposite side of the street. Zeds were slow, but Joe was slower! He managed to smash the car window to get in but a quick check inside revealed no keys. Hot wiring it was then. Joe had an attempt at starting the car, but failed.

The undead were starting to close in now. John tried his hand with the wires, but no luck. Joe moved to the car at behind and unleashed a couple of shots at zombie just yards away. Not only did both his shots miss, but his magazine was empty!

No the zombies closed in. As they two coming down the street charged John managed to loose off a couple of shots, both in the the heads eliminating that threat. Joe meanwhile beat his assailant to the ground and finished it off whilst it was still down. He then let himself into the car, quickly and quick searched for keys. None found again. John moved down and tried to hot wire the car, but failed. There were groans and moans audible and getting closer, so as a last ditch attempt Joe tried his luck with the wires.

To everyone's surprise the engine kicked into life. John jumped in and the car sped past the approaching zombies and away.


  1. That does sound that cracking fun.

    1. It was fun, but hard work with the new ruleset. The strengths of the game (and other THW) rules is the depth and flexibility, but it can be a steep starting curve. The good news is that most the core rules are quick learned and it becomes clear that its very rewarding for a bit of perseverance :)

  2. Looks and sounds like a lot of fun! And great looking table!

  3. Sam, this is great! Where did you get the vehicles from? (28mm?)and in particular, the RV?? 😁

    1. The vehicles have been picked up over the years. 1/43 scale - mostly pound shop or local post offices. I can't remember where the RV was from (years ago) but most likely one of these places.

  4. Nicely done Sam, the board looks excellent and it's nice to see how the game ended having just read Tim's post!

    1. Well I had the advantage of the following evening. That and ATZ obviously works great solo :)