Sunday, 11 September 2016

Warhammer 40k Legends Book Collection

After seeing it advertised on TV last week my curiosity had been raised by the new Warhammer 40k book collection. So when I found myself in the vicinity of an appropriate outlet (W.H.Smiths) I popped in took the plunge for the first release (£1.99). Thought I'd give a quick first impressions review here.

What you get for your money is a folded poster pack mostly describing the collection and first few releases and a 40k timeline. The whole thing folds out to an A1 Space Marine poster (see below).

The book itself is good quality hardback. The pages are good paper, type is clean and clear. the page count of the novel comes to 412. I have to say that it is a handsome book.

In the centre is a 16 page full colour section with another timeline and colour artwork.

Obviously the main thing is the story contained within. I have read a few Black Library releases in the past ( both 40k and fantasy) and they are pretty universally enjoyable, quickly romping along in a familiar background world. The first issue is "The First Heretic" by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. As anyone who notices how slowly the "currently reading" panel on the left of this page changes, I don't get through books too quickly, so haven't quickly rattled through this publication. Looking it up on good reads, however, it does get a good rating so I'm looking forward to starting it.

Included A0 poster.
So is it worth picking up. Well certainly this first issue is. For the price tag is a bargain.

The other burning question is whether the collection is for me to continue. Issue's 2 and 3 are bundled together for £6.99 before the price rises to £9.99  for each subsequent novel,  which isn't bad for a hardback. The series is meant to have 80 novels on completion, with one being released every fortnight. There is no way I need or want all those books (never mind the £20 a month bill) but I can see myself signing up for the first couple of months until the value for money goes down. Mail order is the same price (free p+p) but also has the benefits of a few related freebies with the first few deliveries. Also there are a couple of novels by Dan Abnett in there who's writing I do enjoy.

Overall a thumbs up!


  1. Ooh. I might have to pick some of these up myself. I must admit I used to be a bit sniffy about tie-in novels (whether movie or game) but then I read Eisenhorn and loved it, followed by the Gortrek and Felix books. All good stuff!

    1. For me the lack of chapters explaining the background world really help. Nothing duller than yet another 20 pages recounting the 7th age of Gribbly. The WF & 40k worlds are familiar and vibrant.

  2. Some of the stuff is fine. The Commissar Caine stuff is good; any thing by Abnett is worth picking up (just an opinion).

    But some of the 40K black library stuff is poorly writted.

    1. Completely agree with the Caine and Abnett mentions.

      Must admit that the my book count isn't so huge to have picked up any real duffers so far, but shear numbers suggests there must be a few out there!

  3. Yeah I picked this up on Wednesday last week when it was release in newsagents, halfway through at the moment, and damn, it is good.

    Well worth £2, in fact, I think as long as most volumes are around the 300-400 page count for each one, then it is well worth £20 a month, as the typical HB price from GW (and in general funny enoug) is around £15.....

    1. Excellent. Thanks for the good news, looking forward to getting to it now.. I completely agree with the good price tag. Just won't be needing the huge number of them.