Thursday 25 February 2016

IHMN#5: A Stroll in the Park

The Professor's enjoyed standing on the upper platform he'd built on his house. It afforded him not only a workspace above the smog, but also a lovely view across the park. Sometimes he would just sit up there and people watch. A couple of pugilists training in one section. A gentleman walking a lady next to the fountain. Oh look a group lead by Lord Curr, bang on time. But what's that group of soldiers doing on the other side of the park. Gadzooks, is that Her Majesty out front?!

Lord Curr's Company - Q Division, Extraordinary Affairs:

  • LORD CURR (71pts): pluck 2+, FV3, SV3, speed 1, armour 8, points 71
    Fearless, Hunter, Tough, Leadership 2+
    Hunting Rifle, Monocular Targeting Array, Breath Preserver, Combat knife, Lined Jacket
  • DAKOTA (American wolfdog) (16pts): pluck 5+, FV3, SV-, speed 0, move 12"/18", armour 7, points 16
    Stealth, Tough
    Big Teeth
  • MOHAN SINGH (36pts): pluck 4+, FV3, SV2, speed 1, armour 8,
    Machine Gun, Breath Preserver, Sabre. Jack
  • ANGUS REMINGTON NEWEL (31pts): pluck 5+, FV1, SV2, speed 1, armour 9,
    Lancaster Patent Machine Pistol, Combat Knife, Brigantine
  • THE INCORRIGIBLES x3 (16pts): pluck 5+, FV1, SV2, speed 0, armour 9,
    Military Rifle, Breath Preserver, Brigantine
  • LADY FELICITY (Two-Gun Tess) (20pts): Pluck 5+,FV+0,SV+3,speed 1, armour 9

Queen Victoria's Palace Company:

  • QUEEN VICTORIA (50pts): Pluck 2+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0 ; Leadership +3,
    Inspirational, Tough
    Brigandine, Shotgun
  • MR BRIDGES, HEAD BUTLER (17pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +1/ SV +1/ Speed 0 ;
    Lined Coat, Shotgun
  • CAPTAIN THOMAS PATON (46pts): Pluck 3+/ FV +4/ SV +4/ Speed +1;
    Leadership +2
    Brigandine, Arc Pistol, Sabre
  • SERGEANT ARTHUR BLAKE (42pts): Pluck 4+/ FV +3/ SV +3/ Speed 0;
    Bayonet Drill, Grenadier, Marksman
    Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle, Explosive Grenade
  • GRENADIER GUARDSMEN x3 (33pts): Pluck : 4+/ FV +2/ SV +2/ Speed 0;
    Bayonet Drill, Grenadier
    Brigandine, Bayonet, Military Rifle, Explosive Grenade
  • GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIAM (15pts): Pluck 5+/ FV +1/ SV +2/ Speed 0
    Military Rifle, Lined Coat
  • SIR JAMES REID (15pts): Pluck 4+/ FV 0/ SV +2/ Speed 0
    Lined Coat, Pistol
  • ELVIRA SYNG (15pts): pluck 5+, FV2, SV0, speed 2, armour 7
    Garotte, Pistol, Civilian clothing
  • RIFLEMAN (22pts): pluck 5+, FV2, SV2, speed 0, armour 7
    Bayonet Drill
    Military Rifle, Brigandine, Pistol 
  • TRICYCLE MOUNTED GUN TEAM (42pts): pluck 5+, FV2, SV2, speed 0, armour 7
    Brigandine, Machinegun, Pistol

Lord Curr had come to get the Professor, who property had a gate on the northern side of the park. His Company entered from the South West corner, but only at the same time as Victoria's emerged from the streets on the South Eastern corner, looking to stop Lord Curr.

Lord Curr immediately split his Company into two groups. Lady Felicity led one group off to get the Professor, Meanwhile the Lord himself led some Incorrigibles off to delay Victoria's interception plans.

Victoria pushed her Palace guard forward. The cobbled streets made a good surface for her new mobile machine gun setup.

Some of the Incorrigibles opened fire. No shots hit their mark, but the nearby civilians started to scatter in panic, getting in the way of any return fire. Taking advantage of the confusion Lord Curr loosed his hound Dakota at a rifleman using the park furniture for cover.

With potential fire coming in from two flanks the Guards took up defensive cover in the the fountain.

Meanwhile Lady Felicity et al had made it down to the edge of the Proffessor's hig garden wall, just a dash to the gate. With his rifle in hand an Incorrigible took up position in the industrial building to give covering fire from the window.

Meanwhile Maham Singh stepped out from behind another to keep the enemy heads down with a spread of bullets from his machine gun. The Guards cover however proved very effective and they returned fire, taking the strongman out of the fight.

Captain Paton rushed to the aid of the rifleman, sabre drawn. Caught between sabre and bayonet the hound went down.

Victoria and her new machine gun platform were now on the other side of the park, keeping watch over the Professor's gate. Meanwhile the local police arrived to see what all the disturbance was about.

With the threat of Moham Singh eliminated the guardsmen broke from cover to tackle a Remington Newel firing from the cover of the shrubbery. Their hours of drilled exercises paid off.

Shots were ringin out near the gate. The Incorrigible had taken careful aim at the new carriage and winged the driver, rendering it immobile, or at least until the gunner left his post. But they were already in an ideal covering position, and a spray of lead aimed at the window took out the sniper.

Lady Felicity had started to make her way to the gate under his cover, but with that gone and little distraction from the machine gun and the gunman in the house, she decided to make her escape before the return route was also cut off.

At this point the Police had seen enough and moved in to the machine gun.

Lord Curr sounded the retreat. The Queen's forces made chase, catching one fellow, but as his comrades disappeared off into the streets he used his street fighting skills, ducking and weaving from the thrust blades and made his escape.

A Victory for Queen Victoria