Monday, 27 April 2015

Quick Victoria

Time in to front of the mighty blog-a-thon is still running at a premium so I'm just going to fire up some pictures of a test game of "In Her Majesty's Name" I played with MacSver last week with out a proper write up. I apologise.

We were testing out our Companies for an upcoming campaign. Myself with my "Victoria's Palace" Company and MacSver with his Lord Curr Company. It was the "Catch a Pigeon" scenario from the main rulebook, except with a wayward automaton instead of a feathered messenger. the Pea Soup Fog rules (variable sight distance) were also in play.

Lord Curr and His Incorrigibles get ready for the search.

The Guards lead the way up the road in chase of their prize.

The autoaton wanders directly into the crasps of Lord Curr's Company.
The walker moves up the road to threaten the whole table.

"This way, Ma'am". Captain Paton leads the way round the mighty construct,
hoping the trees and the fog will aid their way.

The fog suddenly clears. "Begads, there they are!"

At the other end of the road the bullets are about to fly as well.
In the background though there can be seen an automaton nearly away.

Captain Paton steps out from behind a tree, takes careful aim
with his Arc Pistol and blows up the Walker before it can fire it's
machine gun, much to MacSver's dismay!

Revenge is swift, as next firing action Gunnery Sergeant Hamo Curren-Saul
raises his Arc Rifle and kills the Mighty Empress Victoria.
I am not amused!
An entertainig report of the affair is available on MacSver's blog here.


  1. Replies
    1. Never correct the Queen. She is always correct.


  2. Wonderful stuff Sam, great photos of some lovely looking minis and it certainly sounds like it was a fun game. I thought just having the photos with descriptions underneath worked really well.

    1. THanks, Blaxk' . Good to know I've been wasting my time with full AARs all this time ;)

      I know what you mean though, enough to give a nice, quick summary. Something to consider int he future when I'm pushed for time. I nearly always have pictures and it's always better to have a quick picture supported summary than nothing at all.

    2. LOL :-) I actually find these days my batreps tend to take longer to write & construct then it did to play the game, so I'm always on the look-out for a different approach and might try your idea for a 10mm WW2 game I've got prepped for tomorrow's posting. Pictures are always better than just words :-)

    3. I can empathise with that. We actually played the first HHNF mission of a linked series weeks ago and I've not managed to write it up in a proper manner yet. Definitely longer than the battle itself!