Monday, 15 July 2013

Urban War - Koralon First Batch

First batch of Koralon painted up.

As an easy start in both painting and construction I've just done the basic troop type (Brood) a brood Leader and a bigger Larvan. All look capable of bring pain with big pointy blades.

Stayed with the scheme in the test model, but adding the final touch of applying gloss varnish to the black\green areas to help their hard'n'deadly appearance.

I'm building to an initial force of around 300 points painted with the next batch which should contain some higher cost models by way of Phazons ( who can open up portals on the desktop to let their comrade charge through) and Brood masters, who tower above the others with 4 long vicious blades.


  1. That is some very fine paint work there sir! I love the contrast between their claws and their flesh!

  2. Thanks, guys. I looked around the interweb for quite a while looking for examples of how others were painting these, and I generally found that the high contrast schemes were my favourite.