Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Warmachine - Cygnar Black 13th

Glad to get these off my table. I hated painting these all the way until I hit that Sepia wash on them, then the end was in sight. Fiddly, small, indistinguishable detail on them put me off picking up a paint brush for a good couple of weeks, and in the end I just had to sit down with a drink and battle through my paint scheme.

Perseverance won through in the end, though, and they actually look OK on the deck. The light long coats give the figures a nice cowboy western duster coat feel.

I'm not going to forgive them though - I nearly reached for the hammer several times!


  1. I have nearly finished painting these figures myself. Small and fiddly. They also look really out of scale with a box of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages. Not the best figures in the world...

  2. With my proxying I did't have many to compare with, but next to plastic Stryker from the Battle box they did look a bit hobbit-ish. "nice" to have it comfirmed.

    Hopefully on the table their style will prevail.