Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Painting SOS - Gnome Bard

I'm starting a feature that I've blatantly stolen from "Dr Faust's Painting Clinic". The feature in question no longer actually exists (which probably goes to show how old some of my bookmarks are!) but I should really credit ideas from source.

We've all had miniatures that need a repaint. Most are second hand (mostly from eBay) and if we're brave/desperate some are from our own younger hands. So basically this is a thinly disguised repaint feature.

First up we have an old Game Workshop Gnome Mage. His staff is broken and he's been bathing in custard. This was an eBay buy for a Gnome Bard character I was to play in a 4th Ed D&D game. The broken staff was of no concern as it was to become his required musical instrument - a mouth organ!
With his long Fu-Manchu style moustache I've tried to give him and oriental feel. His harmonica is a bit of a cop-out in some ways, and could quite easily been altered to a different instument, but there is something appealing about a Gnome with his magic mouth organ. I'm sure there's a children's programme there somewhere.


  1. Von approves of the magical harmonica, and would watch the hell out of a gnome with a fu overcoming adversity through the power of music.

  2. That sounds like a description od Ronnie James Dio!