Monday, 22 March 2010

New Player, New Agenda

Well not quite new on either account really. As mentioned in a previous post, my brother, ArabianOtherKnight has come out of a 2 year hiatus and joins us for a game ever odd week.

One game we started to play years ago was Games Workshop's Bloodbowl. We never got much further than a couple of games and enthusiastically collecting up old and new BB teams. More collecting was done than playing, that's for sure.

So when he mentioned an interest in dusting off the rulebooks again I was more than happy. AOK has a few nice 2nd Edition teams in storage at the moment, so they won't be making a showing for a while, but here's what I've dragged out from the back of the cupboard so far. There's a bit of work to be done to bring them up to scratch. I suppose that's the result of a tight budget allowance and ebay.

2nd Edition Elven team. I can remember when and where these were painted - way back in 1991. It show's, but once on the field they are cohesive enough to pass (or run or block, ha,ha!) so aren't marked for a repaint yet.

2nd Edition Undead Team. Now this is a ready (well) painted ebay purchase. Unfortunately I fear these players below to AOK (although so far the mention of them just draws a blank face. I can only hope it's my bad memory as they are v. nice.
A poorly painted out-the-box Human team and Star Player Zug The Mighty. Not much more to say. Actually I do. I remember using this lot to get a grip of the rules again and it's amazing how OK a poorly but consistently painted team uniform can look on field.
Ah, my Skaven team. Again painted around 1991 (but after the elves and it shows). Originally with the left hand troll below and on the last airing a mutant rat ogre was bought from ebay. I've a particular soft spot for this collection of rodents.
The bog standard from the box Orc team. Again purchased off ebay and obviously undercoated ready for a new strip. I suppose I'd best make them the first BB painting I do. Don't want them to get angry!
Another Human team, mostly from the box, but with a couple of metal players. Better painted than their fellow homo-sapiens above so I hope they are happy with their team colours 'cos they ain't changing any time soon!
Two 2nd Ed BB trolls (left hand one in the skaven team colours) and a Dreamscape Ogre marked for recruitment once he drops the club. As a historical note the middle troll was painted by AOK for his mutant team way back when he must have been around the tender age of 13. His painting is better now!


  1. Yes, one layer of THICK paint was all that was needed for that troll...job done. Slightly different outlook on the subject now though!

    Seeing the Undead team still draws a blank face but possibly a vague memory of an Ebay purchase back in the days when celebrity chefs just "made the tea".

  2. Well, if you can't remember buying it...

  3. Time to dunk some of those in Tesco All Purpose Cleaner (citrus or pine) if plastic or paint stripper if metal for a well needed repaint.
    My first edition Blood Bowl ogre has just gone the same way!!!

  4. I've been using Dettol disinfectant to remove paint. I suppose the active ingredient will pretty much be the same, but I'll look to save the pennies and get Tesco stuff next time.